Power Monitoring

Monitoring is an optional add-on product to the Model SPF480 600.

Power Monitoring Diagram

High Performance Power and Energy Meter

Quality engineered energy submeters provides a simple robust solution for power monitoring, power quality analysis, kWh metering, system integration, controlling power distribution systems & other specialty applications.

Data Logging

Acuvim IIR/IIE/IIW offers 3 assignable historical logs where the majority of the metering parameters can be recorded. The onboard memory is up to 8 MB and each log size is adjustable. A real time clock allows for any logged events to be accurately time stamped.

Time of Use

Users can assign up to 4 different tariffs (sharp, peak, valley and normal) to different time periods within a day according to the billing requirements. The Acuvim IIE meter will calculate and accumulate energy to different tariffs according to the meter’s internal clock timing and TOU settings.

Waveform Capture

Acuvim IIW can record 100 groups of voltage and current waveforms. It provides the waveform record of 10 cycles before and after the triggering point. It also supports a settable triggering condition.

Power Quality Event Logging

When a power quality event happens, such as voltage sag and swell, etc., Acuvim IIW will record the timestamp and the triggering condition of the event. It can save up to 50, 000 power quality events.

Automatic Frequency adaptation

Rated frequency is adjusted automatically to local frequency such as 50Hz or 60Hz. The same meter can be used in countries with different electrical frequencies.

Flexible Current Input

Compatible with different current transformers such as 5A, 1A, 80mA, 100mA, 200mA, 333mV output CT and Rogowski coil all available from Accuenergy.

  • Dual RS485 Communication Ports Display
  • Clear and Large Character LCD Screen Display with White Backlight
  • Wide Environmental Temperature Endurance
  • Display Load Percentage, 4 Quadrant Powers, and Load Nature