Dirty Power
is Harming
Your Business

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Data centers, medical facilities, financial institutions, military operations and others  may experience significant downtime and loss of revenue due to power issues.

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Contact us now for pricing, delivery and installation and upgrade the protection of your infrastructure from dirty power.

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Power problems can affect your business in a variety of ways that disrupt productivity and impact your bottom line.

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Efficiency at its best

At GMS Smart Solutions we focus on providing our clients with the most cutting edge applications for power protection, filtration, and efficiency in each of their facilities. Our solutions will help your organization with anything that receives a current, from light bulbs to motors.

With our Surge Protection Filtration (SPF) application we not only help our customers protect their investment, we also enable that equipment and facility run longer and more efficiently by filtering any bad frequency to ground. We offer a total facility solution. Contact us for more details on how we can help you.

GMS Electrical Solution Process, takind dirty power sources and running them through our products to our client's buildings.

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